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Application management and backup passwords, user accounts and other login data, stock Pass Protect and secure your data. Simple and intuitive it allows you to store only one password to easily find all the others. Non-intrusive, portable, it can be installed on a USB key or an external drive to follow you wherever you need them.

No more code storage chore.

It offers you the possibility of using difficult complex key find for the uninitiated.

version available :


  • Data encryption with AES 256 bit algoritme / hash SHA-3512
  • List of unlimited recordable personal accounts
  • Portable installation on USB stick or external drive
  • Automatic backup if necessary
  • Export and printing of the list of registered accounts if necessary (not recommended because of vulnerability)
  • Tool of destruction encrypted data by overwriting multiple random number (eg if need to change media)
  • Immediate connection to the website referenced account
  • Ability to change the encryption key / password
  • Quick Search tool to account in a SQL table (for users manage long lists of accounts)


Pass Protect encryption

Pass Protect uses AES 256 encryption algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit) with a hash SHA-3 512 bits. This gives it a high level of encryption and protection.

 FILE Description


File : PassProtect_setup.exe
Size : 5.17 Mo
Type : Automatic install and uninstall

Mobility : Portable on USB key or an external drive

Date : 19/06/2016
Language: French
Version :


designed for windows

Windows XP sp2 or sp3, 32 or 64-bit (WOW 64)
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10-32 or 64-bit (WOW 64)

Min screen resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum

512 MB RAM recommended.


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