Frequently Asked Questions


The evaluation grid : The principle is simple, give a name to the current evaluation (if you want to save it) select the level of each indicator by checking the chosen option, indicate the number of people expected at the event at the peak time and the program immediately indicates the RIS (ratio of emergency responders) and the type of DPS to set up. 

Registration : places your evaluation in the "My Evaluations" folder which was created by default in the "My Documents" directory. To open a previously saved evaluation, either use the button in the "File" menu or double-click on the file from the explorer of the third tab.

Complete a simplified declaration : Open a declaration template either from the buttons of the "Edit" menu or by the buttons at the bottom right "PDF Documents" in the "RIS evaluation grid" tab and complete the document fields. To keep it you must save it in a folder / directory of your choice. To do this, use the PDF reader commands: File / Save as ...

Edit an evaluation grid : In PDF format it is advisable to use "Adobe Acrobat Reader" which offers editing tools. When you have opened your file, click on "Fill and sign" on the right. Then place the cursor on the place where you must enter data and enter it. To keep it you must save it in a folder / directory of your choice. To do this, use the PDF reader commands: File / Save as ... Print it, then add stamps and signatures before attaching it to the agreement that has been established between the civil security association and the organizer.

Pass Protect

Encryption key / password : If you do not enter your key when starting the application, Pass Protect will not work and will close automatically. It is therefore imperative to do so. This procedure is to be done only once and you should only see this window once. However, when applying an update, you will have to start again by entering the same password you used until then. 

Update : When updating from one version to another you must:
- Create a backup in a directory different from that of the application.
- Launch the installer (for example PassProtect-1-20_setup.exe)
- Follow the instructions during installation and be attentive to any messages broadcast.
- After installation, start Pass Protect with the icon on the desktop or from the application directory if it is in an external directory.
- You must enter your key / password used in the previous version. Otherwise all your accounts would be unreadable.
- You can use Pass Protect again as before.

Ø  If you make a mistake when entering your encryption key and your accounts are unusable. Copy and paste the previously saved files into the application directory and restart the installation of the update. Make sure you enter the correct code to find all of your accounts.

Downloading Images

Downloadable image files : The images / photos are distributed in a compressed file in "ZIP" format, once on your computer (Downloads directory by default) you can decompress them in the directory you want. They will then be in JPG format (which is also a compressed format) usable on any medium.

How to install software on an external support?

When an application is said to be portable, it can be installed on a medium other than the hard drive of your computer. So, if you want, you can change the installation path when the installer asks where it should copy the program files. This is when you can indicate the directory where you want to install your application.

Example of installation of Eval-DPS

The path indicated by default is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Eval-DPS but you prefer to use an external disk, click on the button on the right and [...] select your installation directory. 

If, for example, you have selected D: \ My applications then you must add a slash (Alt Gr + 8) and the name of the directory, ie \ Eval-DPS which will give D: \ My applications \ Eval-DPS then click on next to complete the installation.

Identical procedure for installation on a USB key or an external hard disk.